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Energy Healing Sessions

Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort, addressing emotional challenges, managing stress, or embarking on a journey of spiritual growth, my energy healing sessions are thoughtfully customized to guide and support you with the power of the ‘Universal Life Force’.

The “Universal Life Force “is also known as “Chi” or “Prana”. It addresses imbalances that may be blocking an individual’s natural state of well-being, potentially resulting in stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, or physical diseases.

Here’s a brief glimpse into what you can anticipate during our energy healing sessions

  • Consultation: you would share with me your concerns, challenges, and goals that you are looking for during the first part of the session.
  • Setting Intentions: together, we will create positive intentions for the healing session, ensuring that they align with and address your unique needs.
  • Energy cleansing & chakra alignment: energy cleansing removes negative attachments in your body and energy field while chakra alignment restores the flow of energy in your body.
  • Deep relaxation: in sessions, you will release and surrender to the Universal Life Force energy, allowing yourself to enter a deep state of relaxation. As energy flows within the body, many clients experience a profound sense of peace and love. This deep state of relaxation supports the body’s innate healing processes, enhancing your own ability to heal.
  • Integration and intuitive guidance: at the end of our session, I’ll be there to assist you in reintegration, bringing your body, mind, and soul back into the present moment. Afterwards, I’ll share some of the insights or messages I received during the session, with the goal of helping you gain clarity, consciousness, and confidence.
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My clients have witnessed a profound transformation in the way they manage emotions, thoughts, feelings, their interactions with others, and most significantly, with themselves.

Sessions are conducted online, providing the same effectiveness and efficacy as in-person sessions. I use familiar and secure platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, or WhatsApp.

Online sessions´ added benefit is that you can experience healing from the comfort of your own home, and it often elevates the energy vibration of your home as well.  It’s all about our shared dedication to your healing journey and the transformation that unfolds, regardless of the physical distance between us. I’ve been using this modality for years, and clients consistently report experiencing the same positive effects and results.

Embrace the transformation and let me be your guiding light on this remarkable journey!

Angelic & Usui Reiki

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is powerful healing therapy that brings a beautiful sense of well-being and balance by working with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and loving Galactic Healers. The practitioner is merely the bridge for the angelic healing energies to pass to the recipient.

Angelic Reiki is often described as multi-dimensional because it is believed to work on various levels of a person’s being, including the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. This multi-dimensional healing approach operates in tandem with angelic guides, archangels, and celestial beings who impart their high-frequency energies to facilitate the healing process. I as a practitioner would set an intention for healing during a session, and the angelic energies are thought to work with the recipient’s higher self to facilitate healing in alignment with their highest good.

Usui Reiki is a Japanese healing practice centered around channeling the “Universal Life Force” also well known as “Chi” or “Prana”. This healing technique promotes balance by dissolving blockages in the chakras. This holistic practice is known for its capacity to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and induce deep relaxation.

The Reiki principles, also known as the Five Reiki Principles, which are a set of ethical and spiritual guidelines, and also for the recipient to put them in practice.

Reiki may offer the following benefits

  • Support emotional balance, assisting adults and children in coping with emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety
  • Dissolve energy blockages within the body
  • Align Chakras
  • Bring greater awareness of your connection to the Divine
  • Raise your vibration and calm the mind, body, and spirit restoring a feeling of peace
  • Induce a deep sense of relaxation by releasing tension and negative stress
  • Re-balance and amplify the body’s energy
  • Accelerate natural healing
  • Relieve pain (physical and emotional)
  • Release stored emotions
  • Dissolve energy blockages within the body
  • Focus the mind on helping to negate confusion and solve problems
  • Assist in navigating the grieving process following a loss or trauma
  • Help bring balance back to symptoms due to chronic and acute conditions such as stress, migraines, chronic fatigue, to name a few
  • Relieve for symptoms linked to cancer – it cannot cure cancer, but I can effectively treat associated symptoms of cancer such as fatigue, pain, and depression
  • Assist in navigating the grieving process following a loss or trauma
  • Experience a newfound or rekindled sense of purpose and direction in life
  • Balance emotions

Astral Medicine

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With this cleansing and healing technique, I will energetically cleanse and restore you across various dimensions of your being. This technique involves repairing auric leaks, eliminating parasitic energies, cutting ties with past relationships, dispelling psychic attacks and witchcraft, extracting and assisting wandering souls or deceased family members who may interfere with your energy by guiding them toward the loving light. Additionally, I will help you dissolve promises made in previous lives that might impact your current life, whether in your personal, professional, or romantic aspects. Furthermore, your home will be cleansed of dense energies, and any low-energy portals affecting your environment and overall well-being

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