Before my first distance Reiki session with Noemi, I wasn't sure what to expect. I held mixed expectations due to the distance between us. But as soon as the session began, I immediately felt the peaceful and comforting energy that Noemi was transmitting. At the end of the session, she provided me with insightful guidance, explaining to me the specific areas on my body she had worked on. From one part of my body to another, I could distinctly feel the energy flow on that specific part of my being after the session. It was a profound experience, and I cannot recommend Noemi enough.
Beverly Hills, CA
Noemi's sessions have been profoundly transformative in my life. Through her insights, I have gained a fresh perspective on life's challenges. What sets Noemi apart is her holistic approach. Noemi's support and guidance have empowered me to break through barriers, find inner harmony, and create a life I never thought would be possible.
Pasadena, CA
I have been receiving Angelic Reiki sessions with Noemi for the last three months. It has made feel at peace, happier, and in perfect harmony with myself. I can't express how beautifully connected I felt to a higher and loving energy. I feel amazed by the energies surrounding my body every time I have Reiki sessions with her.
San Francisco, CA
Wow, just simply wow! Noemi's blend of therapies has been a life-changing experience, to say the least. I have been working with her since I stepped foot on this holistic journey. She is very intuitive and always able to address my needs by personalizing every session. Through Reiki, I found peace and balance like never before. As for my persistent back and neck pain, the biomagnetism therapy she provides is an absolute game-changer. I was initially skeptical of online sessions, but I felt the physical improvement sometimes even within a day or two. I highly recommend Noemi. Her approach has made me more aware of my body, emotions, and beliefs. She has been a guiding light in my healing journey, and her online sessions prove that distance is no obstacle to effective healing.
Long Beach, CA
I can't express how life-changing my Reiki sessions with Noemi have been! The healing I have experienced is beyond words. Noemi’s dedication and compassion truly make each session a powerful experience.
Austin, TX
I am 67 years old, and I remember that I began with fear and ended with joy in the first remote Reiki session. It was wonderful to see the violet healing light within me; such a beautiful, intense color. I experience an immense feeling of joy and peace each and every single time we work together. I continue working with Noemi, which allows me to manage and learn about my emotions. I have learned that the physical pains in my body are the result of stress and my beliefs. I have also learned to express gratitude for what I lack in a positive way, generating a sense of abundance, peace, and love within myself. Overall, I have felt relief in my body and mind. I value Noemi’s work ethics and the support she provides in her sessions. I highly recommend her.
Mexico City
Thank you Noemi for your continuous spiritual guidance. I have always been intrigued by energy healing, and I'm so glad I found you! Your sessions provide an abundance of relaxation and spiritual awakening. After each session, I feel lighter, more centered, and at peace with myself. I'm grateful for the positive changes that Reiki has brought into my life.
San Diego, CA
I have been working with Noemi remotely, and I have experienced a drastic increase in my self-confidence during this time. Noemi has helped me connect with myself to achieve inner balance. In her, I have found a high level of listening and understanding in every session. I really like that she always follows up with me and checks on my well-being. While I'm still working with her, I continue witnessing positive outcomes and progress as I have discovered the essential tools to balance my emotions and feelings. Noemi is unquestionably someone who motivates you to enhance yourself and pursue your inner peace and emotional well-being.
Guadalajara, Mexico
Noemi has magical energy! I have been receiving sessions remotely with her! Her sessions have been life-changing for me. Her energy and expertise create a safe and welcoming space where I have found profound peace and calm, all from the comfort of my own home. It's a feeling I haven't experienced since childhood. Noemi's work is simply amazing!
Los Angeles, CA
I have no words to describe the profound journey I have been on since I started working with Noemi. I had suffered from emotional issues my entire life. Despite seeking help from conventional means, I saw no improvement in sight. Then I decided to seek answers with a holistic approach, and it was when a friend of mine recommended Noemi. I started noticing remarkable and positive shifts in how I managed my emotions as soon as I began working with her. Noemi's guidance has not only been life-changing, but it has also provided me with a completely new perspective on life and the way I perceive the world around me. Her guidance in my life has been nothing short of transformative and I cannot thank her enough.
Los Angeles, CA

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